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New South Wales and Queensland Conveyancing and Property Lawyers

Property Conveyancing at Beachside Law

At Beachside Law, we make conveyancing easy!


Based at Kingscliff, we are market leading conveyancing specialists who help thousands of clients move home every year. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, we provide high-quality, fixed price conveyancing.

Beachside Law

Who We Are

Beachside Law is a property law firm, servicing both NSW and QLD clients. Our lawyers are focused on achieving the best results for our clients by developing strong relationships with them to better understand their exact needs and deliver a superior outcome.

We practice in the areas of conveyancing and property law.

Whether you’re considering buying a property, or selling your house and need assistance with conveyancing, our lawyers can provide a solution.

Our fixed fee pricing structure ensures no surprises and means you know the exact cost of your legal matter upfront.